Arrest Warrant Issued Against Carlos Ghosn’s Wife

Arrest Warrant Issued Against Carlos Ghosn’s Wife

The prosecutors of Japan have issued a warrant for the arrest of Carole Ghosn in the latest event in a saga that has been dramatic to say the least and has involved the husband of Carole, Carlos Ghosn who is the former head of Nissan and now an international fugitive.

Arrest Warrant Issued Against Carlos Ghosn’s Wife

The warrant had been obtained by the authorities against Carole for giving an untrue testimony at the time of a hearing in court during the month of April last year as per a statement from the prosecutor’s office in Tokyo on Tuesday.

Carole is also in Lebanon with her husband as per TV Asahi. He has been in denial about the reports that the members of his family had been involved in him fleeing from Tokyo during the last week. A family friend of Carole has said that she had never been charged or arrested and has accused the authorities of Japan of attempting to intimidate a woman who is innocent.

The last time when Carlos had been released and attempted to reveal his side of this story, he had been rearrested one day after. They are once again a day away from Carlos speaking out again and the same events are happening again as per the friend of the family.

There are wide expectations that Ghosn is going to hold a press conference in the city of Beirut on this Wednesday. The authorities of Japan have been trying very hard to manage situation as Carlos had escaped dramatically and have been trying to find out how he managed to pull the escape off first.

The Justice Minister has said that Ghosn had left Japan by illegal means and had ordered the immigration of Japan to further tighten rules for the leaving of this country.

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