Elon Musk Makes Announcement About Critical Priorities

Elon Musk Makes Announcement About Critical Priorities

As the year 2019 is about to end, the companies have started their end-of-quarter hustles and Tesla is not an exception. This California-based American automotive company, Tesla Inc., has started rushing to complete its entire planned works before the year ends. Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla Inc., has recently mailed all the Tesla employees about focusing on the most critical priorities before the end of this quarter and this year as well. Musk aims to make Tesla a giant venture by means of expanded vehicle production capacity and to end its federal tax credit by the end-of-quarters for electric vehicles. The email sent to all employees with the subject “Tesla’s Two Most Critical Priorities For December” was also received by Electrek which sensed the urgency of Tesla boss.

Elon Musk Makes Announcement About Critical Priorities

Musk announced that, as a first critical priority, all employees should focus on making assured deliveries of all the Tesla cars as promised to the respective customers before the year ends. The company has already achieved a record-breaking figure of nearly 97,000 car deliveries in the third quarter. By considering the currently expanded vehicle manufacturing capacity, Tesla can surely break its own record again in this quarter.

Musk has given second priority to the solar deployments operations and said that the employees must focus on this critical priority to achieve the proposed goal before the year 2020 starts. As per the mail, Tesla employees need to increase the current solar deployments rate to nearly 1000 solar roofs per week. With a transparent and simpler pricing technique, the company has recently launched rental services and a commercial platform for ordering solar energy products online.

On the other end, recently on a defamation trial’s second testimony day, Tesla boss estimated that his net worth, including Tesla and SpaceX shares, is nearly $20 Billion. He further added that, though people consider him as a rich person having plenty of cash, he actually doesn’t have any cash.

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