A Meager Amount Of $250 Per Week Finalized As Strike Pay

A Meager Amount Of $250 Per Week Finalized As Strike Pay

The strike pay of UAW has been finalized at $250 per week which is way below the minimum wage in Michigan, the poverty line in the nation and also below the amount of social security that is given to an average retiree. The amount lesser than minimum wage scheme, poverty line, and social security amount. The amount is also lower than what a lot of part-time workers see as their paychecks. Also, the pay is not going to be received on Tuesday and instead will be made available on the 15th day after the strike as per the post by UAW.

A Meager Amount Of $250 Per Week Finalized As Strike Pay

The spokesperson from UAW said that the workers will qualify from the very beginning but will have to sign up within 8 days to receive the first payment which is going to be distributed.

The FAQ section of the UAW strike also says that a bonus check is also paid a week before the holidays for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

UAW has noted online that the union is presently offering an amount of $250/week as strike assistance which is $50 per day from Monday to Friday. Beginning 1st of January the pay is scheduled to see a rise to $275 per week which is $55 per day.

If it is divided into numbers the amount $250 per week as strike benefit is very low on a lot of levels as it turns out to be below the minimum wage in Michigan for a 40-hour work week is $9.45 per hour but at the proposed rate it will be $6.25 per hour.

The monthly total will be $1083 which would be below what retirees receive on an average as Social Security which amounts to roughly $1461 per month.

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