Severe Lung Injury Reported After Vaping In Minnesota

Severe Lung Injury Reported After Vaping In Minnesota

Health officials in Minnesota have come across 4 new cases related to extensive lung injury which may have direct relation to vaping. More than dozen cases have been registered in Illinois and Wisconsin which have similar cause of ailment. Health Department of Minnesota stated that it is highly unlikely for all of these cases to have direct connection with each other.

Severe Lung Injury Reported After Vaping In Minnesota


Even though officials stated that they don’t have a clue about the products which have been used by the patients, but marijuana and nicotine are reported. Dr. Ruth Lynfield stated that at present there are many questions which are unanswered and the cases of vaping in youth have increased at a subsequent amount in Minnesota. He also stated that medical department is making parents as well as providers aware of the several breathing problems, diseases as well as lung diseases which are caused due to vaping.

As per one of the announcements made by medical department, there were many patients which were hospitalized for many weeks while some of them were placed in the ICU. Patients were suffering from various ailments like fever, headache, chest pain, cough, dizziness, vomiting etc.

Dr. Emily Chapman stated that the symptoms which are occurring in patients are hard to diagnose during preliminary stages as they are similar to those which occur during common infection.

In Wisconsin thorough investigation has been carried out by the health officials and they are getting a high number of patients who have recently vaped products which contain marijuana. While making a public statement Andrea Palm stated that though most of the patients stated that they had vaped before hospitalization but it is still unclear about the products which they had consumed. Andrea Palm said that patients could have taken various products like nicotine, synthetic cannabinoids, THC etc.

Recently, health advisors have showcased their concerns regarding various substances which are used in e-liquids as they can cause severe harm to bodily cells, but they are unclear about short as well as long term use of e-cigarettes.

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