Google Introduces Text-to-Speech Technology For Emergency Services

Google Introduces Text-to-Speech Technology For Emergency Services

With its already well-acclaimed products and software milestones, Google is now all set to include a new, exclusive ‘Text to speech’ feature to its Pixel phone users, which is going to prove to be highly beneficial during emergency services such as dialing medical facilities, calling the police and several other public services. With a single tap, the feature sends the GPS location details to medical, fireman or police services, whichever we require. As per Google, the reason behind the launching of this feature was especially for people who face difficulties to contact with emergency services due to their disability or due to having a panic attack under the danger.

Google Introduces Text-to-Speech Technology For Emergency Services

The procedure of this service request is quite simple: At first, an emergency call needs to be dialed using the app. Immediately three new options shall appear on the screen: Medical, Fire, and Police. The person in distress will then need to select whichever emergency facility he/she requires. Within no time, the network operator shall get a message indicating the person has requested emergency services and will include the whereabouts of the dialer as well.

Moreover, the GPS address shall now include not only the address of the dialer but also an extra piece of information: the ‘Plus Code’. A Plus Code is a quick calculation to map the exact coordinate location of the dialer. For example, if a dialer who’s asking for help is stuck in the forest, then his residential address will not be of much use, but the Plus Code will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the person, thus ensuring that the person gets help as soon as possible.

The Text to speech is soon to be put to production with Pixel smartphones in the upcoming months in the United States. Google has also added that soon this feature shall be available to be used by any smartphone brand as well.

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