Samsung Launches High-Capacity Phone RAM Designed For AI And 5G

Samsung Launches High-Capacity Phone RAM Designed For AI And 5G

It has not been a long time since Samsung revealed the highest-capacity handset DRAM yet—a LPDDR4X 12 GB bundle for premium handsets—but it is already following that up with a quicker model of the similar size. The Korean tech behemoth has begun mass manufacturing what it claims is the first 12 GB LPDDR5 in the industry for handsets, and it will also began the mass manufacturing of 12 GB LPDDR5 bundles later this month. Samsung launched its LPDDR5 chip tech in 2018 in expectations of offering 5G handsets with an energy-efficient, fast RAM that can fuel AI and machine learning apps.

Samsung Launches High-Capacity Phone RAM Designed For AI And 5G

Similar to the LPDDR4X RAM, the part is developed on 10-nanometer second-gen chip by Samsung. It was developed, on the other hand, to be almost 1.3 times faster. In a 12 GB bundle with 8 x 12 GB processors, the element will allow handsets to transfer a huge 44 GB of data or almost 12 full-HD films, on the basis of Samsung’s computation, in one second. Moreover, the new element employs 30% less power versus its precursor. Samsung claims that those properties will offer next-gen flagship handsets the abilities they require “to completely use 5G and AI abilities similar to video recording in ultra high definition and ML, while greatly expanding the battery life”

The memory business of Samsung has been undergoing hard time in recent times owing to a drop in sales and prices, so it is no shock that it has been increasing things up in that division.

On a related note, Samsung is seeing into the possibility of designing AR glasses, on the basis of one of its newest copyright applications. The paper that the tech behemoth gave to the US PTO (Patent & Trademark Office) displays foldable hardware that seems more like a normal pair of glasses.

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