FDA Alerts Against Potential Hacking Of Wireless Insulin Pumps

FDA Alerts Against Potential Hacking Of Wireless Insulin Pumps

According to the FDA, they have warned the populace about the current decision of recalling MiniMed insulin pumps, which is the product of Medtronic. According to the pharmaceutical, a few of these MiniMed pumps have shown serious cybersecurity issues that cannot be repaired and leaves the users eternally vulnerable to hackers who can wirelessly make their way in. The faulty products were found to be mainly sold in the US and other few international platforms as well. Medtronic has announced that it has recalled almost 1,000 of its MiniMed and Paradigm insulin pumps that were sold right from June 27. The decision has been taken to avoid any potential cybersecurity risk. As per the makers, the device with wireless connectivity can be easily accessed by hackers possessing the right skills and equipment.

FDA Alerts Against Potential Hacking Of Wireless Insulin Pumps

The hackers can easily change the settings and adjust the amount of insulin to be delivered to the pump user. Such gaming with technology can prove quite fatal or even have serious consequences such as commencing diabetic ketoacidosis. In the US, almost 4,000 patients are found to be using these recalled pumps. Providentially, no reports of hacking have been lodged till date. The security researchers had found the devices’ vulnerability and the patients in the US or outside were warned to consult the doctor immediately or opt for a different device. The other option is to replace the recalled product and the ones still using the vulnerable device have been advised to take precautions until a new version is out. The device’s serial number has to be kept private and avoid connecting to any third-party software or hardware, and also detach the linked CareLink USB device from a computer the time it is not being used.

The following models have been recalled:

  • MiniMed Paradigm Veo 554CM/754CM (Model 2.7A or lower)
  • MiniMed Paradigm 523/723 (Model 2.4A or lower)
  • MiniMed Paradigm 512/712 (All Models)
  • MiniMed Paradigm 515/715 (All Models)
  • MiniMed Paradigm 523K/723K (Model 2.4A or lower)
  • MiniMed Paradigm 511 (All Model)
  • MiniMed Paradigm Veo 554/754 (Model 2.6A or lower)
  • MiniMed 508 (All Models)
  • MiniMed Paradigm 522K/722K (All Models)
  • MiniMed Paradigm 522/722 (All Models)
  • MiniMed Paradigm 712E (All Models)

The global medical technology leader has successfully completed the acquisition of a privately-held surface technology and titanium spine interbody implant company named Titan Spine. This acquisition would help Medtronic leave a mark in practical solutions for spine surgery.

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