Uber Changes Its Driver App In The Middle Of Increasing Stress

Uber Changes Its Driver App In The Middle Of Increasing Stress

Uber made various modifications to its app this week to enhance the experience for both seasoned and novice drivers. The upgrade follows as ride-hailing drivers united in California in support of legislation that might re-categorize them as workers instead of contractors.

Uber Changes Its Driver App In The Middle Of Increasing Stress

Uber is trailing out various new features for drivers, comprising a scrolling feed of gamified “quests” and promotions that can be seen before drivers log in to begin driving. For new employees, there will be a “reproduced trip” to walk them via the virtual actions of their first ride prior to they promise to actually picking up a user.

There will be extra alerts for longer-than-normal trips, such as the time it will take to get to the location. When drivers require canceling a trip, the app will now let them to tell the reasons. And a new function accepts the upcoming trip automatically, so drivers can more simply earn “successive trip” bonuses paid out by the firm.

In total, these functions are developed to make the application more receptive to driver requirements. Uber claims its research displays that drivers need data about methods to get additional money, comprising upcoming events or promotions where there is greater odds of a pickup related with high foot traffic. Drivers have also claimed Uber that they need more info about trips so they can plan their days accordingly.

On a related note, Uber now lets drivers and riders to communicate over VoIP (voice over internet protocol) apart from SMS texts, regular phone calls, and in-app messaging. The media reports that Uber declared the worldwide availability of the VoIP feature in San Francisco at a conference earlier. The ride-hailing company has also verified the feature to media. For those who are not aware, VoIP sends info over an internet connection instead of using cellular.

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